Stanford Computer Science Undergraduate Mentoring Program

About the program

The Stanford CS Undergraduate Mentoring Program is an informal mentoring program that matches undergraduates with a graduate student mentor. Each mentee will meet with your mentor about once a month for an informal discussion (about 30 minutes per month). Potential topics include: advising on classes and outside projects, recommendations for how to get involved in research, discussing exciting new technologies, and general career advice. There are also program-wide socials, where each mentor-mentee pair can meet other pairs.

This program is intended to increase participation of women and other underrepresented minorities in computer science. However, we welcome applicants of all backgrounds and demographics. We particularly encourage freshman and sophomore level students to apply: CS is a competitive field, and starting to prepare early can be important!

To apply to be a mentee, fill out this form!

Additional Resources

We have begun compiling a list of other resources for undergraduate students interested in getting involved with CS research, which are listed below.

Please reach out and let us know if there are other programs that should be on this list!

Questions? Feel free to contact our organizers!

The mentoring program is currently organized by Annie Chen, a PhD student in Artificial Intelligence.
Please feel free to contact her at asc8 (at) with any questions or concerns!